3rd Edition published April 2012
  • Fully revised and updated classic
  • Coverage expanded to include protocols for routine and for complex cases
  • Includes new chapter on extreme tooth displacement and complicating factors
  • Provides unparalleled coverage of the evidence base
  • Highly illustrated in full colour
  • Every imaginable tooth impaction

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Orthodontists are good at their job and the predictability for the success of treatment and “the great smile” is enormously high. In general, the practitioner deals with teeth that have already erupted into the mouth and, therefore, have normal attachment to the alveolar bone.

All is well, until it comes to an impacted tooth. This anomaly has a wide range of causes and with each comes the appropriate treatment modality, although the chances of success in many of these scenarios may drop significantly. Chances drop even more, when unnecessarily aggressive surgical treatment is performed to expose them, or when pulled in the wrong direction! Certain pathological processes, such as ankylosis or invasive cervical root resorption, may lie in wait for the unsuspecting orthodontist. Then there is always the possibility that the patient may unintentionally cause the treatment to founder by not complying with instructions regarding homecare.

This website is presented as a service to orthodontists, dentists with an interest in orthodontics, patients undergoing treatment for an impacted tooth and the parents who require information on the various aspects of the problem and to offer options in treatment of difficult cases. One of its most important functions is troubleshooting cases in which treatment is heading for failure.

Cleidocranial dysplasia is a rare syndrome which is characterized by the impaction of a large number of teeth. Few practitioners have ever seen a case and treatment is complex and difficult – not for the beginner! Questions are invited. Opinions and advice are evidence based where relevant and given on the basis of very wide-ranging proven clinical experience of similar cases.

Is the orthodontic treatment of impacted teeth the only item dealt with in this site? No, but it is probably the most authoritative. Other areas in which this site may be of special value include:

1. help in deciding what kind of surgical exposure would be suitable in a given case

2. the delivery of orthodontic treatment to Special Needs patients

Strictly, the whole range of clinical orthodontics is up for discussion to anyone who would like to log on to the site. Where we can help, we will!